Rebecca Louise Hughes

Quantum Light Coach

Highly intuitive, Rebecca Hughes has helped many people connect with who they really are. She can quickly see through the presented smoke and mirrors and uses her deep insight to guide her clients to untangle their perceptions of themselves and the world they have created. Rebecca has applied quantum healing and coaching to clear her own patterns of abandonment, neglect, and low self-esteem. Losing her Mum and Dad at a young age taught her the depths of grief and heartache.

This life experience makes Rebecca relatable to so many of her clients. Rebecca has faced her addictions, dug deep into her darkness, and returned to the light, becoming a clear vessel through which to do effective energy work with you. Sessions with Rebecca help to clear your patterns that keep circulating endlessly. She’s able to demonstrate how viewing yourself from a quantum perspective empowers you, and she’ll guide you through the creation of the lifestyle you’ve long been seeking.

Rebecca is CEO of The Alignment Room, with accompanying podcast, Quantum Perspectives. Rebecca’s self-developed modality offers a practical, 10 Steps Back to Alignment. This 7-week programme moves the emotional body and mind through a state of repair, affording freedom from the vibrations that have held you stagnant.

Rebecca is passionate about frequency and vibration, specialising in sound and light healing which can be received by the human body multidimensionally.

You can email Rebecca at