In this session Helen Jane helped us to understand what we really think and feel about confidence – asking us revealing questions and taking us through a powerful meditation.



Helen Jane

Helen first became interested in life coaching and personal development in 2005 and started to study personal and corporate coaching with The Coaching Academy. In 2007/2008 her life was to change dramatically. After being made redundant from her job as a ticket desk agent and trainer for British Airways she decided to transfer to long haul cabin crew, within a few months her long term relationship had broken down and in 2008, whilst at work, she suffered a back injury needing surgery. As a result of this back injury she was forced to give up her career with the airline and was unable to work for more than a year, this impacted on her income and life style and had a massive effect on her mental health, confidence and self esteem.

She was probably at her all time low following the surgery in 2009 in constant pain and believing that, because of her injuries and age, she would never work again. In addition to this she was forced to sell her home in Cheshire. It was at this time that Helen began to apply her learning and rebuild her life, focusing on the life she wanted to create and not focusing on the past. Helen truly does walk her talk.

Helen is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and Energy Alignment Method - EAM® practitioner. She has worked with 1000's of people in her work as a coach and mental health practitioner, in 1:1 sessions and group workshops. Supporting individuals with stress, anxiety, depression, confidence and self esteem issues. Her passion now is to help as many midlife women as possible reconnect with themselves and their dreams to achieve the happiness and fulfilment they desire and deserve.

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