I'm a spiritual coach and mentor with over a decade of experience supporting and empowering people to come out of the spiritual closet, accept their gifts, connect to their authentic selves and have the confidence to live life on their own terms without compromise or concern by using Energy Alignment Method and EFT.

In my practice I approach everything at an energetic level and use transformational techniques to enable my clients to let go of any stuck or resistant energy, thoughts and emotions in order for them to feel freer and more aligned with their true self.

As a Highly Sensitive Person I understand what it means to feel 'too much.' I am often able to perceive more than is conveyed in words and body language and I use this gift to inform my client sessions and in helping people find the root cause of issues that they have struggled to find on their own.

I am passionate about creating a safe space for healing and connected with people on a deeper level and guiding them towards a path of more peace, love, joy and freedom.

Outside of work you'll find me knitting, gardening or walking in the woods or by the sea. I am also a compassionate advocate for living and coping with neurodiversity and as an autism parent and partner for over 30 years.

Please reach out if you feel you would like to connect and chat about any issues you may be dealing with, I work in person or via zoom.