Lorraine Crookes

Lorraine Crookes is an international speaker, international best-selling author, CEO of Shelki, and creator of Sexual Mastery, the World’s most empowering sexual energy programme, giving voice, visibility, and connection to sexual energy. Lorraine has won numerous accolades and awards for her contribution to society and service to others.

As a qualified teacher and practitioner in multiple holistic and healing practices, Lorraine is best known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator. Lorraine is a much sought-after expert in her field and has liberated thousands of people to connect to their sexual energy and celebrate who they are. She has profoundly transformed the lives of thousands of people struggling with poor mental health, challenging relationships, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions, and sexuality.

She is now inspiring a global movement to give millions of people worldwide have a voice, visibility, and connection to sexual energy, empowering them to stand in their truth. 

You can connect with Lorraine on Facebook: Shelki – A New Vibration (private closed group exploring the sexual, sensual and spiritual).