Beatrice Marcu

Beatrice is the creator of the international brand Mind, Body and Soul Aligned. She acquired x-ray vision for seeing the fears and limiting beliefs which keep result orientated people limited in their prosperity and personal power. A highly skilled coach and energy mentor, Beatrice delivers high-impact transformation that clears the resistance for her clients and creates the empowerment and openness that are key to achieve energetic alignment, successful relationships and increasing wealth.

After more than a decade of well paid but unfulfilling work in various companies and different countries she left the logical world of spreadsheets, numbers and deadlines to answer the inner call that guided her to kindle more passion in her heart and look for her true purpose. She let her intuition drive her and dedicated few years to get trained in subtle energy modalities.

Beatrice became a Human Design Specialist and she studied with Karen Curry Parker, best-selling author of multiple books, speaker, coach and the creator of Human Design for Everyone and Quantum Alignment System, programs that have taught and trained thousands in the last 30 years.

She also achieved a certification as Mentor with Energy Alignment Method™, modality created by Yvette Taylor – a British spiritual and business coach, speaker and author.

Beatrice qualified as a transformational coach with the programme TIWC (Tapping into Wealth Coaching) by Margaret M. Lynch – an American transformational speaker, coach and author.

Her passion for science equals the fascination for metaphysics and the attraction for the holistic therapies; thereby, she blended all of her training to create flexible 1-2-1 packages, high value programs and laser coaching sessions. Beatrice draws on her rich experiential and educational background to bring a hands-on practical approach in the work with her clients.

Highlights of her spiritual development so far are mentoring groups at live and online events with EAM, walking on fire at a Tony Robbins event and meeting Dr. Bruce Lipton at one of his lecture on epigenetics. She feels that these moments together with the fantastic mentoring and guidance received from her three coaches has sky-rocketed her transformation and fuelled her tank up for at least the next decade.

One of her future goals of pursuing professional speaking is part of her vision that is to lead others into living their lives purposefully, to help them express and embody the truth of who they are, based on their unique energetic configuration, and to do it with ease and in an empowered and authentic way.

Beatrice currently leads groups with EAM, enjoying teaching, guiding and holding space for people ready to transform their lives. She embraces fully her work as energy mentor and entrepreneur and she is very committed in growing her coaching business.

Beatrice has been passionate her entire life about music, amateur dramatics and dancing. She and her partner David got together after being dance partners.