Fenn Elevera

Fenn is a modern-day messenger with 10 years of experience as a channeler, healer and intuitive professional with the help of divine connections such as the angelic realm and source or the great central sun.

Fenn has written several books about self-healing, self-love, and connection with divinity. She believes that everyone can heal herself/himself, through inner strength and courage and following one’s true inner guidance. The road towards clarity and full alignment with that inner guidance isn’t always easy, but by all means possible, and her writing helps do that with greater ease. Her work is heartfelt, deeply intuitive and uplifting, while keeping an honest eye at the world and without watering down authentic, day-to-day truths and expression.

Fenn has recently started running a YouTube series with her main angel, Johan. Together, they help bring clarity and guidance to our world and community during this pivotal time of spiritual expansion for the planet.

For more information, go to www.thebeautifulpractice.com