Ali Fox

Ali has more than 30 years’ experience in holistic health. She graduated from the Nutritional Healing Foundation as a Natural Nutrition Consultant. Seeking a new challenge, she was introduced to The Energy Alignment Method – EAM®, instantly finding lifelong friends within the family and the energy work continues to compliment her lifestyle and personal growth. Ali qualified as one of the first 50 mentors.

Drawing upon her diverse life adventures, including retail, management, care work and living on the land in a traditional horse drawn caravan, Ali brings a fresh insightful intuition to all who work with her.

Ali is fascinated by all aspects of being alive, currently ‘absorbing’ as many facts as possible about our dear friends that live inside us, our microbiome, and the impact they have on all functions within our beautiful bodies, minds, and souls!

Embarking into the open, safe zone during sessions with Ali, you can expect her playful detective senses to be forefront as she enthusiastically supports you in exploring every level of your physical, mental, and energetic pathways. This can reap magnificent results, whilst unravelling your unique light and potential.