Nikki Hetherington is an internationally known Spiritual Health Coach and group facilitator, founder of Forever Free Living and Co-founder and co-host of the ever-growing community Spiritual Junkies.

Reaching a worldwide audience and touching the lives of thousands of people, her passion for Energy and how it effects our health and wellbeing, and her desire to get to the root cause are just some of the things that make working with Nikki a pleasure.

Nikki’s healing journey started in 2001 when she faced her dark night of the soul, on and around the 9 11 event.

Since that time, Nikki has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learning many cutting edge techniques that have enabled her, to not only heal her own wounds, but gather many useful tools to enable others to do the same.

Becoming accredited in Reflexology and Indian Head massage, Reiki 1 & 2, The Emotion Code, Access Bars, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and embarking on a 10-month journey with The Energy Alignment Method – EAM®. Using Dr Bradley Nelson’s Body Code and learning from great teachers like Donna Eden, Eckart Tolle, Bruce Lipton, Ester and Jerry Hicks, and so much more, has given Nikki a diverse understanding of Energy, Emotions and Beliefs and how they affect our health and happiness.

Using her intuition, muscle testing and passionate about detoxing from heavy metals, pathogens and other disturbances within the body, Nikki can take you step by step through your own health issues and get you aligned to the best possible version of YOU.

Offering FREE group healings in the Spiritual Junkies Group and doing one to one sessions, online and at her treatment space in Stroud Gloucestershire, Nikki offers Coaching packages and sessions for anyone who is serious about changing their life and health and ready to step into their own unique power and shine their light for the world to see.


Matrix Reimprinting is a fairly new Meridian Tapping Therapy. It is effective for the treatment of emotional or physical issues, it can also be used to manifest your goals and dreams.

Evolving from the self-help technique Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system that has been used in acupuncture for thousands of years. EFT has a long and impressive history of resolving physical and emotional health issues. The way it works is that you bring to mind and verbalise, in a specific manner, an issue that you want to work with. At the same time, you tap on points on your meridians with your fingers, and this releases stress and trauma from the body’s energy system, allowing the body-mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state.

Results for EFT have always been phenomenal, now Matrix Reimprinting takes it to another level by finding and changing the negative belief that keeps it all held together.

Matrix Reimprinting allows us to go back in time and help our younger selves that have been frozen in time and space.

In the Matrix, there is no time and space, everything happens in the moment. Using this, we can empower the child and assist in the creation of a new helpful belief, which can literally rewire the neuron pathways, change limiting beliefs and patterns and help the inner child find resolution and peace.

Using the imagination, memories and feelings and delving deep into the subconscious, this technique can really help resolve deep issues safely, without becoming that child again, it can also be used on past lives and in Utero and can be helpful to communicate with loved ones who have past or even with abusers to find closure.